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Keep your brand fresh with monthly creative content produced by our team.

  • Short Form Videos
  • Full Production Team
  • 50+ Photos
  • Creative Direction
  • 1-2 Full Days of Production
  • 2-3 Premiere Locations
  • Talent & Props
  • RAW Footage*

Make your products stand out with top notch photo and video.

  • “On White” Product Photography
  • Stylized Product Photography
  • 30 Second Listing Video
  • Creative Direction
  • Props



Caldera Lab

Utilizing the diverse footage from our new asset library has transformed our advertising approach. Incorporating high-quality scene and product texture shots into our ads has not only diversified our content but also significantly enhanced our brand image. We’re extremely happy with the flexibility and results.



We’ve produced several videos with Patrizio, and the investment paid off within just a few weeks. We’re not only happy with the video quality but also with their performance. One video has been running for over a year and continues to generate revenue.



I’ve just watched it 100 times… it’s really incredible. Thank you for 20 seconds of pure goosebumps.

How Daniel Bidmon sold 1000+ Books with one De Mitri Productions film!

Creatives typically have a short lifespan before they lose effectiveness, but with this type of video, we were able to keep it running for over a year. It has received hundreds of comments. The video provided us with incredible access and the return on investment was definitely there.
Daniel Bidmon


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Naturtreu on TV

A big thank you goes to Patrizio from De Mitri Productions, who was responsible for the creative execution of the spot. Thank you for the reliability, commitment, and high-quality outcome! A tailor-made concept was developed for us, which was implemented with a lot of creativity and dedication on the day of shooting. We think the result is truly more than worth seeing!